Friday, 13 April 2012

Tales From The Wagon Steps - 26th May


Look at this!

Could it be true?

Tales from the Wagon Steps

Yes, yes!

An extravaganza of goodness!

Where better than amidst the birches and alders of Stone Lane Gardens to spin some traditional Gypsy tales into the night?
We've got Russian tales, we've got English tales.
We've got Welsh tales and Hungarian tales and tall tales and more tales.
Tales that want to wander off down the lane themselves, they're so full of footsteps and woodsmoke and the love of the wandering road.
If we haven't got a Scottish tale and a Serbian tale too, I'll eat my shoes.

We've got the superbly-talented duo of Rima Staines (The Hermitage) and Lisa Rowe (Hazaar!) on accordion and fiddle and we've got Phillipa from the Courtyard doing some marvellous hot food for your supper.
We've got two beautiful vardos from South Devon, a warm crackling fire, room for over a hundred of you, the Dartmoor stars and whatever beverages you choose to bring along. If it rains, we've got the newly renovated barn for you. Glad tidings, one and all!

Come and join us on the 26th May -  all the details are on the poster. Click on it for a close up (yes, Rima painted the wagon - isn't it fine!)

Only £12.50 from Sally's Newsagent, the Courtyard (both in Chagford) or Stone Lane Gardens
£6 for under-16's
Under-5's are free.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

UPDATE: TICKETS MAY BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - Call Stone Lane Gardens to check (01647 231311)

See you there...

(I'll be the one telling stories in the middle.)