Saturday, 11 August 2012

Relocation reminder - I've gone over to WordPress!

If you're still following this blog and wondering why it's been so quiet (or hadn't even noticed, for that matter), do follow me over to the new blog, where I've been wittering on for a while now. I know it's over in the strange, unfamiliar land of WordPress, but you'll probably make it there and back in one piece.

This is some of what you've been missing:

The Bear Outside - a piece of short fiction that appeared in EarthLines magazine earlier this year.

Sometimes a Wild God - an edited version of this poem, which will be appearing in the forthcoming Dark Mountain collection (issue 3) and somewhere else that I'll tell you about soon.

Nearly 'Time' - a Lazy Gramophone collective extravaganza (featuring myself and Rima) - a few teaser details about this project, coming your way soon...

News of our Ivashko Medvedko tour of Scotland - you missed it. Now don't you wish you'd been keeping up with the new blog?

All this, plus much more agitatory polemics and mouth-frothings, news of forthcoming storytellings and poetry and prose doings.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Don't be late.